Song Challenge Songs

In Music by Luke MacNeil

My home open mic meets on Thursdays 7:30pm at The Rose Garden restaurant on 140 in Upton, Ma. Monthly, we host a Songwriting challenge in which topics are brainstormed and voted on by the audience. Once a topic has been selected by our great democratic process – the room is invited to write a song using that prompt.

Here a list of all of the songs I have written for this challenge:


April 2019 – She still gets her mail at my house

April 2019 – Millennials

March 2019 – I assumed too much, and it went badly. 

February 2019 – I wanna be Betty

January 2019 – I blame Luke

December 2018 – I’m not dead yet but I think about it all the time

November 2018 – Blunt Force drama

October 2018 – Several drunken fools

September 2018 – Liquor at the Laundromat

August 2018 – I sold my house to a redneck

July 2018 – Porta-potty in a storm

June 2018 – Down on my dead uncle’s farm

May 2018 – Ebola Candy

April 2018 – I’m gonna crush these cover songs before I crush your heart

March 2018 – Leonard Cohen’s Last Words

February 2018 Quiet Now, The Women Are Speaking

December 2018 Why does hair grow where I don’t want it to

November 2017 Quicksand Jerry

October 2017 You Only Get One Chance

September 2017 Peace Love and Positivity

August 2017 Trump Tweets

July 2017 The Paul Simon Conspiracy

June 2017 Jenn Cant Save You Now

May 2017 Look into Luke’s Camera

December 2016 Ralph the Christmas Llama

November 2016 – Grab her by the pussy

September 2016 Singing Grocery Lists

August 2016 – Harry Johnson

July 2016 – She needs a new haircut and some darkness in her soul

June 2016 – My favorite knife

May 2016 – Francine comes and goes

April 2016 – I look better faux naked

March 2016 – We are riding the crest of a wave that is sure to bring us down – alas, nothing lasts forever

February 2016 – Prominent Chin

January 2016 – Your pecs are epic

November 2015 Where am I and who the hell are you

September 2015 I need a new nickname so I can be cool

August 2015 – Nightmare Rodeo

July 2015 – Does this rag smell like coloroform to you

June 2015 – Im gonna eat around the meat

May 2015 – You can touch the neck while I watch

April 2015 – Only the young die good

March 2015 – The old magician at the carnival

February 2015 – I want that time back

January 2015 – Broccoli is the Answer

November 2014 – Flying Like Iron Man

October 2014 –All The Trees Are Burning

September 2014 – My mom stole some guys shirt because she thought he was cute. She wears it sometimes. He doesn’t know